Thursday, May 26, 2011 Logo Collaboration Contest

We thought it might be fun and exciting if we hold a collaboration contest among users to find creative ways to design the logo seen on the top-left part of the site. This contest is just for fun, but if you are the winning group, you will receive the use of a private Sketcher room for four days and bragging rights that your logo was chosen. The contest will end when there are a decent number of submissions to judge.

But wait! There are of course rules:

1. It must scale to become the same size as the logo in the top-left corner; and,
2. It MUST be a collaboration of two or more users; and,
3. You MUST only use Sketcher; and,
4. You may not use any copyrighted and/or existing characters, trademarks, or designs; and,
5. No blood, gore, or offensive material; and,
6. You must upload the completed logo to your gallery here on ArtGrounds and give credit to everyone who participated in the collaboration.

All logos submitted will become the property of Jotun Technologies Inc., but we will credit you for the logo design if we use your logo.

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